Lo-fi Drums Vol.3

Lo-fi Drums Vol.3

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I'm back with another collection of sounds, perfect for spicing up your lofi beats and bumps!

Take your game to the next level with this collection of samples that have been hand-picked by a lofi beat maker for lofi beat makers!

This has everything you need if you are looking to get into the lofi hip-hop beat making genre and for those of you already honing your craft, there is no doubt this will be a welcome addition to your collection!

This download contains a total of 70 sounds, all in WAV format which is perfect for dropping straight on to a sampling device or directly into your DAW.

These have been tested and all import using the SP import feature.

All drums included are in mono

Contents includes:

  • 10 x kicks
  • 10 x snares (Includes 10 separate 'lofi' versions)
  • 10 x hats 
  • 5 x Percussion (recorded with my H5 Handheld Recorder)
  • 10 x Textures/noise
  • 10 x Rapper Vox
  • 5 x Quotes/Movie quotes

NOTE - please remember to keep the volume low when importing these samples, then adjust accordingly! Your ears can't be repaired!