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'Newcomer' Lofi Sample Pack
'Newcomer' Lofi Sample Pack

'Newcomer' Lofi Sample Pack

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Never bought a drum pack before? New to the game and not sure where to start? This is the perfect lofi starter pack for you and your SP device. 

In this pack I've put together a small collection of sounds which are ideal to get you going with your brand new sampler. If you've recently picked up a new SP device and are struggling to get started, this has everything you need to lay down your first beat.

I've hand selected these sounds so that you can slap them into your SP and get making a beat from day one without having to worry about sourcing anything at all!

You'll get an instant zip download and all the sounds inside are neatly organised for easy navigation.

Included inside:

3 x kicks
3 x snares
3 x Hats 
1 x lofi texture
1 x chopped sample (with processing)

All drum sounds are in mono to help maximise polyphony if you are using the resample method to make beats. They are also all in WAV format so can be used on any device not just an SP for example - MPC, Ableton, FL Studio etc...