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Lean Kit Vol.1 - Lofi Trap & Phonk Drums

Lean Kit Vol.1 - Lofi Trap & Phonk Drums

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I'm really excited to introduce my first ever Trap and Phonk sample pack! If you're new to the trap game Lean Kit Vol.1 has everything you need to get going. This low-cost download is guaranteed to spice up your collection and get you creating tight Emune-type loops in no time. 

Also included in the mix is a separate lofi version of each snare and 5 textures to help you get that raw lofi sound to your beats! All the snares have been processed using my SP404sx for that authentic lofi grit!

Contents breakdown: 

  • 10 x Punchy snares (Includes clean & SP404SX 'lofied' versions)
  • 10 x Hard kicks
  • 10 x Crispy Hi-hats
  • 5 x 808 sounds
  • 5 x Claps
  • 5 x Lofi textures

All files are in WAV format so they are ready to drop straight onto your sampler or into your DAW. All drum sounds are also in mono.

Please note: if you are dropping these directly on to your SP device they may be VERY loud. Protect your ears at all costs. Turn the volume down to at least 12 o'clock and use the Start/End/Level button to reduce the volume as necessary!