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Lo-fi Drums Vol.1
Lo-fi Drums Vol.1

Lo-fi Drums Vol.1

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Here it is, my first ever beat pack made especially for lo-fi enthusiasts.

This sample pack can fill the voids in your collection and add unique character to your beats and loops. 70 sounds included all in wav format!

All drum samples have been run through my SP404sx to give them that characteristic lo-fi crunch and dirt. You can expect punchy kicks, snappy snares and dirty hats guaranteed to help you achieve that authentic lofi sound.

What's inside? 

  • 10 x kicks (mono)
  • 10 x snares (mono)
  • 10 x Hats (mono)
  • 10 x Authentic Vinyl crackle sounds (recorded directly from records)
  • 10 x SP404-SX Noise sounds
  • 20 x Textures recorded with Zoom H5

These are all ready to drop on to your SP404sx or SP404a using the Roland software or use on other samplers and DAWs


This audio example includes a kick, snare and hi-hat sample from this pack.


Your purchase helps to keep my YouTube channel going, and helps me buy my next beer or pizza.