Lo-fi Drums Vol.2

Lo-fi Drums Vol.2

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Volume 2 of my lo-fi drum pack series has arrived! 

In this pack you will find a carefully crafted collection of lo-fi drum sounds and textures that will add that extra spice to your beats. Taking inspiration from some of the biggest names in lo-fi, this pack ensures that you are perfectly equipped to start creating incredible sounding bumps just like the artists you take inspiration from!

Made by a beat maker for beat makers!

All the samples have been hand-picked from my collection and I use the very same sounds on my own beats! 

Whether you makes beats in a DAW or on a sampler like the SP404SX/A, these sounds are ready to work for you right away! 

Included inside (80 sounds in total all in .wav format):

  • 20 x Hi-hat samples  (mono)
  • 20 x Snare samples  (mono)
  • 20 x Kick samples (mono)
  • 10 x knocks/claps  (mono)
  • 10 x Textures (vinyl, tape etc...)

I genuinely hope these samples help raise your lo-fi game and gets you those hard hitting crunchy vibes that you are looking for in your drums!


Check out what the samples sound like in the beats below! All made using drums from this pack and the SP404SX only!


Note: be careful when importing these directly on to your SP they will be very loud so keep your master volume low and adjust the volume of the sample accordingly!