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Noise 'N' static pack

Noise 'N' static pack

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I'm back with a brand new sample pack, ready for instant download at the checkout!

This pack contains 50 different noise/static textures that are ideal for layering on your beats and samples to add a distinct lofi sound. 

This bumper collection means you'll never have to hunt around for noise samples again..EVER! 

Emulate the sounds of old tape players and low fidelity recording devices with ease. Simply loop them under your beats and listen to them add the magic.

These are shortened previews of the first 10 samples in the pack

All these samples have been run through both my SP404-MK2 and Elektron Analog Heat to add unique character and flavour. 

All files are WAV 44.1 KHz/16bit format, ready for most modern stand-alone devices and DAWS.